Support Your Dallas Skatepark – 4DWN Project Needs Your Help To Open

4DWN Project
is DFW’s first nonprofit, meaning 100% FREE TO THE PUBLIC, skateboarding and related arts facility. Yes, 4DWN Project will be a free Dallas skatepark, but more accurately, it will be a public place for skateboarding, art, music, events, after school programs, agricultural education, mentorship and inspiration.


Skateparks are often designed exclusively for skaters, but a public place for skateboarding aims to utilize it into a multi-purpose space and celebrate this integration. Having sparked a new approach between skateboarding and personal development, 4DWN Project is symbolic of a vibrant city with rich cultural heritage and a promising future where space is designed to accommodate skateboarding as an inspiring and supportive tool behind the life and movement of underserved individuals.

Your contribution to 4DWN is tax-deductible; 4DWN Project is a non-profit tax-exempt organization pursuant to Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service code. Your generous donation helps 4DWN continue to assist in the support and development of DFW’s at-risk youth and support skateboarding to the fullest.

4DWN Project Free Dallas Skatepark Set To Open To The Public!

4DWN Project A-Skate Foundation Event Dallas, TX


In order to ensure that the park opens by August 23rd, and our grand opening event on August 20th, 2016, we at 4DWN Project need two things – funding to cover necessary project fees, and/or local business support. Quite honestly, it’s very difficult to complete a project of this scale; of course, unexpected issues often arise during a construction process that can add to a project’s overall cost, and they have. We have raised support from various individual contributors over the last year and we are so grateful for their help. Through this Go Fund Me campaign, we are hoping to raise funds to close our final gap and finish the park in time for back to school. After years of hard work and perseverance, we are thrilled to be this close to opening one of Dallas’ next great community spaces, and one of the country’s greatest nonprofit skateparks to date.


4DWN Project Dallas Texas Skatepark Foundation

Some amazing local contributors have stepped up to support this campaign, including Melody Rogers, Loyd Foundation, TC Lupton Family Foundation, Speerco, Al Hill Jr., Yvonne Crum, Cross-Eyed Skateboards, Goodfriend, Index Skateboard Supply, Point Skate Shop, Zumiez, Chrissy Brookshire, Kareem Campbell, and many individuals as well. We are so grateful for their support, and are so appreciative of the barriers they’ve helped us overcome.

4DWN Project Free Dallas Skatepark & Non-Profit Event with Zumiez BFF

4DWN Project has been a long time coming. We have spent countless hours working to raise funds, seek City and State approvals, match our design aspirations with our budget, and pull together all of the moving pieces associated with developing a major nonprofit project. We broke ground on our new location in December of 2015 and need one final push to complete the park in time for our back to school 2016 opening. Let’s finish this thing right, and provide DFW’s under-served youth a place to find insight, inspiration, and guidance through skateboarding and related arts.


Projects of this scale often produce unforeseeable curveballs along the way, but we are far enough along at this point to have covered all of our major project cost implications. If any additional issues arise on the construction site between now and completion, we feel confident that our project team will persevere and work through any concerns along the way.

4DWN Project Free Dallas Skatepark Grand Opening August 20th, 2016

The largest challenges we are currently up against for a free dallas skatepark are sectional overhead door repairs, plumbing, concrete laying, setting our 40 ft. wide mini ramp up, and fencing repairs. To this end, any funds raised in excess of our $11,000 goal will support maintenance and programming costs moving forward.

Thank you for your support, and we hope to see you at 4DWN Projects’ grand opening event, August 20th!



To volunteer, contact with the subject line 4DWN PROJECT!

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