Steven Ramsey “AIN team manager”

In this episode of The Shetler Show, Anthony Shetler and former co-host of The Shetler Show, Steven Ramsey, are playing catch up for the podcast. Ramsey has been there from the beginning, so having him back on was epic!

They begin by getting into how Ramsey found his way into skateboarding through his dad’s metal skateboard, as well as getting in with the All I Need crew.

They discuss the odd-end jobs Ramsey worked while living in New York, including the one time he was involved in a high-speed car chase. Anthony Shetler finds out more about the good times and struggles Ramsey survived in the city as a poor man being poor.

They get into his “Do or Pie” segment for World Industries, and his filming for Anthony Shetler’s shoes. Ramsey talks about how to get out of a funk and realizing that life isn’t just peaches and cream. Both feel that a part of growing up is knowing that life is about getting what you give and knowing how to survive through tough times.

Ramsey speaks about being a father, and “feeling the feels.” Ramsey goes into how being a dad hasn’t changed much of his life, except for the better. Anthony Shetler delves into Ramsey’s work with the Bob Show on Snapchat.

Host: Anthony Shetler


Guest: Ramsey


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