STC027: Tyler Culbertson: New-Media Manager for Tum Yeto, Skateboard and Make a Life in Social Media

On this episode of The Skate To Create skateboard podcast we had the pleasure of interviewing Tyler Culbertson, the New-Media Manager for the Tum Yeto Distribution Company. Tyler has been obsessed with skating for over 25 years and has been a digital marketing professional for some of the top skateboarding brands. With over 9 years experience managing social media marketing initiatives, Tyler Culbertson uses digital content strategies for the world’s top skateboarding brands and retailers. Inspired and passionate about storytelling, skateboarding, entrepreneurs and artists of all types, Tyler Culbertson drops some knowledge about how build a successful brand.

“If skating is in your heart and is all you think about… If you see it, and believe it, you can Achieve IT.”

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