Zumiez Best Foot Forward Stops In Dallas, TX At 4DWN Skatepark!

It’s crazy to think back to all the years I worked for Zumiez. I learned a lot from that job, and had some great times too. One thing I wish we’d done more is community events and contests. All the Store Managers had the resources, time, and ability to host an event, but most, including myself, never spoke up about it. It would have been so easy to reach out to local vendors, artists, and brands. Of course there were many efforts from various people and businesses, but it wasn’t as impactful as it could have been.

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Fortunately that’s changing now, thanks to Matt Talley, Zumiez’s District Manager over Dallas, East Texas, and Northern Louisiana. I truly admire his diligence towards impacting DFW’s skate scene. He’s volunteered his time and resources to 4DWN Skatepark, which has resulted in them hosting this years DFW stop on the Best Foot Forward Am contest tour. 4DWN Skatepark’s mission is to “Foster personal development, education, and opportunity to under-served youth through skateboarding and related arts.” There’s proof of motivated people out there who want to impact the local skateboard community, and I’m stoked the two could come together for this contest!

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Celebrating their 10th year! Zumiez Best Foot Forward Am contest provides local skateboard communities the ability to gain exposure at a global level, allowing individuals the opportunity for growth and success through their passion.

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Everyone, including you, can be a part of this and create impact in your community. We are in a very unique time, where resources and information are accessible to everyone. Many skaters don’t realize how much opportunity there is to pursue a career within the sport. If your dream is to go pro, then skate hard, progress, and gain exposure. There is however, much more opportunity for skateboarders than just going pro. Skateboarding is a business, and every business needs passionate people to make it successful.

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Brass Tacks Barbershop In the house doing fresh cuts!

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What do you want to contribute to skateboarding? There has been need for a skatepark focused on the progression of skateboarders and related artists for years now. Many individuals coming from this background don’t have the best mentors or family structure, so it’s important to encourage them to pursue their passion for skateboarding and other creative outlets. 4DWN Project recognizes this need, and they’ve committed themselves to meeting it through a non profit organization. There is an abundance of opportunity here for you to get involved and surround yourself by likeminded people. Unfortunately like most things, this costs money, and lots of it. You can support the cause by donating what you can to 4DWN Project’s fundraising campaign. Everyone at 4DWN has done the leg work, and invested countless hours to provide this to the community; so come on out and help us grow, just like Matt! 

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What can you provide to your community?

Why hasn’t anyone else done it?

How are you going to make it happen?

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Spreading your ideas is your most valuable asset, just remember to ask yourself “Who or what will I benefit in doing this?” As long as your intentions are pure, something good will come of it, maybe not immediately, but it will come.

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Thank you Zumiez and everyone at 4DWN for putting on this event and for your commitment to providing opportunity to the DFW skaters. 

Keep it coming! Our mission is to provide skateboarders engaging media content that inspires creativity and personal development.

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Written by Clay Thomas of the Lotus Initiative

Photos By Travis Littig