20th Annual Texas Skate Jam – Southside Skatepark

In Houston Texas we witnessed a remarkable amount of charity and skateboarding combined in the 20th Annual Texas Skate Jam. It benefited the Make A Wish foundation, and has for the past 19 years. In that time, SouthSide Skatepark has raised over $884,000 to Make A Wish alone.

Going To The Skate Jam Again

When we first went to the Texas Skate Jam in 2014, we knew we were in good company. We met a lot of like minded people. Skateboarding was going down in an epic way, the crowd was having a blast, and the kids especially were hyped to connect with their favorite skaters. Like them, we also found out about a lot of amazing new skaters. Clueless as we were, we stumbled on to gold. While it was everything we wanted to involve ourselves with, we had no idea that the event has been going down since 1997 – making it the world’s longest running charity skateboarding event. We just knew we loved it.

How Are We Involved?

Since then, we have got to know Eric “Big O” – the owner and innovator of Southside Skatepark. We also have had the honor of working with Eric on a few projects and were very impressed by his work ethic and love of skateboarding. This years event was great for the Texas Skate Jam, for us, and most importantly, for anyone helped by the donations given. Thanks again to everyone involved. Let’s raise even more next year!


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